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Dana Keli Ceramics

Dana Keli is Sanskrit and pronounced Dana (rhymes with banana) Kaylee; yes her parents were hippies!

While her first name is Dana, She generally goes by Keli. Keli’s work is currently focused on functional ceramics, with an eye for minimal colours and graceful shapes. She loves coffee, and the majority of her drinking cups are for coffee and espresso. Keli believes that the act of drinking coffee is enhanced by hand thrown mugs and cups. Keli is inspired by the peaks and valleys that surround Vancouver. Everywhere you look there is another mountain, or a river, or the ocean. 

Keli received a Diploma in Fine Arts from Langara College in 2003. She then went on to Emily Carr University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006. Keli also went to the University of British Columbia and received a Bachelor of Education in 2010.